The Iguanas Living in a Vacuum / Night of the Iguana 7″

This is the second record by the IGUANAS who were also on the Fresh Sounds Compilation #3. And again they bring out the heavy sound of the early STOOGES into the eighties. Sometimes the singer slips into a SISTERS OF MERCY tone, but that can be forgiven for the simple grunge that’s accomplished. One of the neatest records I’ve heard this year.

The Raped Philes ‘n’ Smiles LP

England’s glam-punkers, the RAPED, finally release an album—and it’s out five years after they wimped out and became CUDDLY TOYS. This one has a side of pile-driving ’77 punk anthems, concentrating on kinky sexual themes, and another side of fair quality live recordings taped at the Vortex in late ’77. Mandatory for aficionados of vintage UK punk.