Independent Project

Camper Van Beethoven Telephone Free Landslide Victory LP

Eclectic really is an understatement; these guys go everything from ska to dirge to VENTURES-inspired instrumentals. There’s even a tongue-in-cheek hippie version of BLACK FLAG’s “Wasted.” This one’s not going to be easy to figure out, but it might just challenge you a little.

Kommunity FK The Vision and the Voice LP

A variety of influences and moods infuse this unusual effort from KOMMUNITY FK. The mainly slow-to-mid-tempo compositions here feature some experimental intros, BAUHAUS-oriented song structures (though these Angelenos are better), and very stylish vocals. I especially admired the rich, abrasive guitar sound. Fans of the eclectic should find favor with this offbeat release.

Savage Republic Film Noir / O Adonis 7″

More psychedelic exotica from SAVAGE REPUBLIC. “O Adonis” is a Mediterranean-influenced instrumental which lies somewhere between Greek bazouki music and the KALEIDOSCOPE. “Film Noir” is slower and more atmospheric, and combines haunting vocals with similar “oriental” guitar sounds. Unique.