Flesh D-Vice Some Blood Stained Morning LP

This New Zealand punk band maintains some real drive through many of their songs, which plumb a style emphasizing a diversity of punk approaches, fast and slow. Nevertheless, the compositions themselves rarely impressed me with any measure of catchiness or inventiveness; but there’ s no denying that the title track is a highly worthy kinetic thrasher. A mixed bag.

Flesh D-Vice Secrets of the Estranged 12″

Reminiscent of the first RED ROCKERS LP, this changes and burns with a strong medium-paced feel. Grinding twangs from the guitar are the focal point in the mix and the work’s choice. Well-delivered with a fluid drive, the compositions are musically thought out and catch harmonious notes soon to bounce around the brain.

No Idea Class War 12″

New Zealand uptempo punk that sounds British circa 1980. Seven songs that toe-tap their way through a variety of styles with ska time beats, medium-paced aggression, and quick dance-step drumming. A fun record that keeps a good momentum.

V/A Capitol Kaos

This New Zealand compilation consists mainly of live material by ’77-style punk bands. That’s not to say it’s bad, because there are some pretty cool tracks herein, especially by FINAL SOLUTION, RIOT III (who does some thrash), FLESH D-VICE, and ZYKLON-B.