Lama Väliaikainen EP

Fast classical-style punk with a chunky instrumental attack. It’s really good but not as awesome as some other Finnish hardcore releases. “Paskaa” is the standout cut, with its throbbing bass and drum beat.

Lama Lama LP

Another excellent punk album from Finland. As we’ve already indicated, LAMA aren’t one of the young thrash bands, but an older-style punk group that started in ’78-’79. But that doesn’t mean that they sound like today’s boring English clone groups. They have musical muscle, songs with great dynamics, tightness, and they play pretty damn fast for a bunch of old-timers. Their new thrashed-out version of “Tavastia” is a classic, the high point of this LP. Rumors has that they’re breaking up. What a shame!

Lama Ajatuksen Loppu / Mun Pelko 7″

The newest (and possibly final) release from LAMA displays a reversion to their pre-thrash sound—powerful mid-tempo punk with a heavy guitar attack. I suspect that it was recorded before their album, but it’d be a super addition to anyone’s collection.

Unicef Kakimassaa EP

Scraping tonsil bites of harsh vocal growlings overpower the raw early punk flavor that this new Finnish ensemble grind out. Not the “stereotyped” Finnish assault of chaotic thrash, but something musically more in the line of PERSONALITY CRISIS or SKREWDRIVER, building a vulgar progression of power thrusted into snarling hacks. UNICEF contains former members of LAMA, but this band is very different. A gargling release.