Guns Roadkill cassette

This GUNS (not the Ohio band) is a one-man project of George Smith of SENSELESS HATE. Playing guitars (tough), bass (driving), and drums (tight), this is powerful punk with both the crunch of ’78 and the imagination as well (from pop/punk to slight experimentation).

Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny cassette

This tape will blow Pee Wee Herman’s house down, no problem, OK? Eight metallic thrash numbers in the same vein as ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, ACCÜSED, etc. Keep the adrenaline flowing at an accelerated rate. Check ’em out, another hot unknown from the Northwest!

Psyclones Cult Leader Gang-Raped by Disciples cassette

Rapid-fire ’77-ish experimental synth punk Á  la SCREAMERS or early TUXEDOMOON. There’s a definite edge to both the music and lyrics, and although the songs are long and repetitious, there’s a mania that sustains interest. Dark, but not overwhelmingly depressing.

V/A Objekt No. 2 cassette

An eclectic conglomerate of obtuse sound and vision, some of it extraordinary, some self-indulgent grunt, but that’s the case with all compilations in this genre. It’s refreshing to see Americans pumping out intensity of this nature. This is quite similar in approach and content to the Rising from the Red Sand series from England, although the sound here is much better. Highly recommended.