Rob Glaser

V/A One of Them Thar Compulization Tapes cassette

By golly, this sure is a good one! 23 bands performing 37 songs, all being in the realm of punk/HC. Varied but good quality, some examples of talent being FINAL WARNING, ACCUSED, CRUCIAL YOUTH, ANATHEMA. Great sampler!

V/A Praise Grandma cassette

This tape is #4 in a series from Bad News Cassette Zines. Some of the eleven underground acts featured are: the PARASITES, DREAM SMASHES, and BLOWFISH. An interesting mixed bag, you won’t be bored. Buy or fry!

Falwells We Suck cassette

Rough and tumble old style punk rock here, very spirited, similar to the VANDALS, LOVE CANAL, etc. Slap in the face lyrics deal with religion, society’s problems, and some very backwards lyrics on “SLUT,” the title tells the story.

The Ophelias The Night of Halloween 12″

These S.F. homeboys are akin to the CAMPER school by using acoustic instruments and a soft approach. Each of these three songs is different. The title track is an eerie, partially acoustic, witch thing. Then there’s a beer barrel polka song, and a psychedelic T. REX imitation. Almost interesting.

Misfits Max’s Kansas City EP

Six fast live songs from their later period, the standouts being “Last Caress” and “All Hell Breaks Loose.” Good sound quality, nice package which includes a cool poster, make this a nice collector’s piece.

V/A Salt in the Wound cassette

60 minutes of high quality HC power here. Outstanding tracks by ANGRY JOHNNY AND THE SNOTS, SHELL GAME, and CHRIST ON A CRUTCH. That’s a hint, so get this one, okay? Band info included.

Whilly Nones Going Nowhere Fast cassette

Good wholesome lyrics like the FEEDERZ and CRUCIFUCKS backed with thrashy punk rock. Songs are structured with enough great hooks to keep you on your toes. My faves are “Godarchy,” “Russians on TV.” And “Anal Roberts.” Good shit!

V/A A Soldier Will Never Cry cassette

Another international comp from this Swiss label, this being a 90-minute barrage of HC. With such powerhouses as DEPRESSION, GISM, etc, it’s recommended for the thrashers out there!

TNT Remember ’77 cassette

This postmortem release brings us previously unreleased material from this early Swiss band. Twelve great punk tunes with female vocals of the same caliber as the AVENGERS, BAGS, early SIOUXSIE, etc. Good stuff!

SS 20 Vincent Goes to Tchernobyl EP

This French outfit has a great sound, combining a melodic early pop punk style with dominant guitars and politically oriented lyrics. Reminds me of the music that warped my mind back in my formative years, so check it out.

Melvins Gluey Porch Treatments LP

How can I describe this? How bout manic mind music that pegs the needle on a seismograph. How bout punk rock, metal, thrash, dirge, post-punk, schizophrenia, depression, and happiness twisted into a music shrink’s worst possible nightmare. Excruciating yet so beautiful, this is amazing. P.S. Cute cover, Victor.

V/A Buried Alive: The Best From Smoke 7 Records 1981-1983 LP

If you’re familiar at all with the great Smoke Seven releases during 81-’83 and don’t own them, get this LP. Nineteen of the best from REDD KROSS, BAD RELIGION, MIA, JFA, etc. All previously released but all great punk rock classics.

The Undead Never Say Die cassette

This is the underrated NJ UNDEAD featuring ex-MISFIT Bobby Steele. The cassette included all the material from their three hard-to-find EP’s plus an extra track. All great, early, style punk. Recommended!

Phobia Coloured Neurosis cassette

Some good mid-tempo punk metal here. I hear traces of MOTORHEAD, ACCUSED, etc. Side one lacks in sound quality but side two captures their spontaneous intensity. 13 songs, 3 covers, and English lyrics.

The Fuzztones Live in Europe LP

This rocks! 13 live cuts from their 1985 tour of Europe, including great covers of “Human Fly” and “I’m Loose.” Expensive but great sound quality, a nice gatefold sleeve and additional flexi make it all worth it; get it and get crazy.

Johnny Thunders Stations of the Cross cassette

A must for those NY DOLLS/HEARTBREAKERS fans, 21 live songs of fantastic sound quality, recorded in NYC in 1983 featuring other ex-DOLLS Lure and Nolan. This rocks! Anyone got a spoon?

V/A 3rd Bombardment: Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade cassette

A 14-song, 8 band punk/hardcore comp tape from the Philippines. Some notable material from BETRAYED, PHILIPPINE VIOLATORS, and COLLISION to name a few. Nice package, lyrics, and band info included.

V/A Necrovomit de Death cassette

Ahhh, some diversity — 14 bands, 24 songs, from Spain to the USA and over to Japan. Styles ranging from ska inspired pop-punk to speedy hardcore mix this international sampler up nicely. Great sound quality and some notables such as STEVE STILETTO and TARGETS plus a nice package make this a winner.

V/A Katrina’s Live: “Tamana Away!!!” cassette

This Philippine comp features four bands, BETRAYED, PRIVATE STOCK, GI AND THE IDIOTS, and the WUDS, all recorded live at the last show at Katrina’s (a club at Manila). Good quality punk rock, includes band photos and has a nice package to boot.

63 Eyes I’m Not Me, But I Play Me on T.V. cassette

This looks and sounds familiar to me, but I can’t place. It. Anyway, here we have 18 medium tempo garage-y punk tunes, with catchy lyrics. Reminds me of the early Los Angeles underground sound, very rocking with tasteful twists!

Jail Is… Jail Is… cassette

Basically, a descriptive monologue of the prison life from a first hand experienced source. For those who have never done time or directly know someone who has, give this a listen. It will amaze, shock, repulse, and educate you.

V/A Risen From Obscurity cassette

An hour’s worth of blazing punk and thrash from the likes of FALSE LIBERTY, GUILT PARADE, and many others. Another great, consistent comp from this label.

V/A Kenosha Basement Sampler cassette

This 90-minute sampler of HC and noise punk from Wisconsin contains no less than 30 songs from the likes of CHARMING DEVIANTS, IDK, 10-96, U.S. DISTRESS, and JOHN ADRIAN. Lyric booklet included.

Social Spit Demo/Live cassette

Resurrected from the depths of the early San Diego scene, these guys belt out 11 classic raw punk tunes plus three great covers. The demo side is clean with good production, but the live side gets berserk! Look out for vinyl soon.

V/A Need or Greed? cassette

A nine-band benefit cassette for the famine victims in Ethiopia, all artists being from the UK. Fair to good live and studio recordings from such notables as OI POLLOI, BROKEN BONES, and the INSTIGATORS. Band info included.

Herraids / Rapt Deflagration Vol. 5: Do the Pogo on A Nazi split cassette

Side One features RAPT who belt out 25 songs, while Side Two has HERRAIDS (Sweden), spewing out 27 songs. Lives up to its advertising as an ultra-noise and thrash comp, not for the weak of heart. Hang on! It’s wild!

Wards Ripped Off in Boston cassette

Eleven medium to fast paced hardcore numbers featuring exceptional recording quality. Lyrics deal with society, personal problems, and the military. Recommended if you’re into East Coast HC.

V/A PML International Compilation cassette

This triple 60-minute cassette comp features 22 bands from around the world, all of which have good recording quality. Lots of favorites, such as: KGB, DEPRAVED, APOSTLES, KINA, and many more. Also includes a band info sheet.

V/A The Great Rock n’ Raoul Swindle cassette

Another great effort from this king of punk satire, a great, fun-packed 15 band compilation. Features such notables as PLEASED YOUTH, DEAD MILKMEN, and F.O.D., to name a few.

V/A La Planete De Tous Les Dangers cassette

A 60-minute compilation consisting of nine UK and French political punk bands, like ANATHEMA, FINAL BLAST, and PIN PRICK. Excellent sound quality, and includes a band information booklet. Nice job!

Johnson Unit Quick to Condemn cassette

This three-piece hails from the Pacific Northwest and features nine original songs on Side One in the pop-garage rock vein with personal lyrics. Side 2 features cover songs ranging from CCR to the DEAD BOYS. A very strong release with fantastic production!

V/A Your Chance No. 4 cassette

This international demo cassette comp from Germany features DISACCORD, CHALLENGER CREW, and many others. Varied but good sound quality plus a listing of bands’ addresses and demo tape prices.

V/A Yugoslavia Maximum Hardcore #2 cassette

More, more, and even more HC for those thrash and burn addicts out there! Features STRES D.A., KZV, and PATARENI, to name a few, all of which deliver abrasive noisecore. Only for people with cast-iron eardrums!

V/A Wipeout cassette

This 15-band world compilation cassette features 37 songs and fantastic sound quality. So, if international HC is your fancy, get this. My faves include the STUPIDS, HERESY, and LUNATIC FRINGE.

V/A P.M.L. Compilation #1 cassette

A great compilation of eight Canadian and US bands varying from rocking garage punk to straight-ahead thrash. YOUTHQUAKE, PROBLEM CHILDREN, and SONS OF ISHMAEL are my favorites, but there’s something for any punk/HC fan out there.

Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny cassette

This tape will blow Pee Wee Herman’s house down, no problem, OK? Eight metallic thrash numbers in the same vein as ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, ACCÜSED, etc. Keep the adrenaline flowing at an accelerated rate. Check ’em out, another hot unknown from the Northwest!

M.D.L. Destroys Your Favorite Songs cassette

A 17-song demo quality cassette consisting of five originals and covers from such faves as MDC, BLACK FLAG, DOA, etc. I prefer the originals—good, raw punk rock with sarcastic social lyrics.