Wards Ripped Off in Boston cassette

Eleven medium to fast paced hardcore numbers featuring exceptional recording quality. Lyrics deal with society, personal problems, and the military. Recommended if you’re into East Coast HC.

Wards Armed to the Teeth cassette

Catchy guitar sounds and a straightforward beat form the backbone of this 25-song cassette, which is spliced with several tempo changes and sloppy vocals. At times, it sounds like the singer is half-asleep due to the drowned-out effect that tops his every line, but the lyrics are funny/serious and interesting.

Wards Please Don’t Make U.S. Shoot the Pershing II EP

The WARDS maintain their politically oriented garage approach on their second EP. Musically, it’s more punky than thrashy, with a dash of art damage thrown in. Well worth it.

Wards The World Ain’t Pretty and Neither Are We EP

Politicized garage punk from Vermont. The A-side has three good traditional garage punkers, while the flip contains seven much accelerated tracks that nevertheless retain an awkward garagy flavor. The lyrics are unusually thoughtful for this style of music. Recommended.