TNT Remember ’77 cassette

This postmortem release brings us previously unreleased material from this early Swiss band. Twelve great punk tunes with female vocals of the same caliber as the AVENGERS, BAGS, early SIOUXSIE, etc. Good stuff!

TNT Manifesto Guernika LP

This debut album from Spain’s TNT is a mixed success. It contains a brace of melodic mid-tempo punkers with bouncy appeal, but there are also a couple of catchy pop ditties (like “Deberías Tener Cuidado”), silly commercial numbers (“Radio crimen Charleston”), post-punk things (“La Noche…”), and even synth muzak (“El Jardin Extranjero”). “Habitacíon 101,” “Sin Futuro,” and “Nadsat” are the most appealing of the previously unreleased cuts.

TNT 1984 (Euroshima) / Cucarachas 7″

A Spanish band that shouldn’t be mistaken for an identically named Swiss group. “1984” is a mid-tempo punkish cut distinguished by sound effects and a strong post-punk bass and drum attack; the flip is a more basic ’77-style number with a good melodic chorus which I quite like.