Raw Power You Are the Victim LP

Aaargh! RAW POWER’s debut album clearly demonstrates that they’re among the world’s best hardcore bands. It also shows that they are more versatile than one might have been led to expect—along with ripping thashers with paint-stripping vocals in the tradition of “Fuck Authority” (like “Repression”), there are some slower, more controlled cuts (such as “Hate”). Although the production here is too muddy to bring out their full power—you’ll have to see them live to witness that—their merciless lyrical and aural assault should not be missed.

Rough Torino È La Mia Città EP

Four songs in the thrash/Oi style, faster than most but not as fast as the EXPLOITED. Two songs are in English, and their titles—”Riot in the Street” and “Abuse of Power”—give an indication of ROUGH’s thematic concerns.

V/A Raptus LP

Another Italian compilation on vinyl. It contains a few great thrash tracks by the WOPS, RAW POWER, UART PUNK, and the WRONG BOYS; DRULL, the U.D.S., PETROLIO, and LAST CALL provide some less interesting older-style punk. All in all, it’s pretty good, and it’s worth buying just for RAW POWER’s songs.

V/A Raptus: Negazione & Superamento LP

The second Raptus compilation is superior to the first edition. The production is better, and it contains material by REIG, the WRONG BOYS, STIGMATHE, the CRAPPING DOGS, RAW POWER, the ACID COCKS, and CANI. Once again, RAW POWER dominates the record—check out their awesome “Army”—but REIG and CANI can also burn, and the CRAPPING DOGS have a couple of sing-along Oi-type chants. Blue vinyl.