Music Maniac

Droogs Anthology LP

This import collects all six of the early DROOGS singles which were impossible to find when they came out. The sound here is rougher and tougher than their last album, and a great collection of trashy LA garage punk by one of the best. Lotsa covers.

The Dizzy Satellites Crisis in Utopia LP

The slow, deadpan vocals remind me a whole lot of late 60s SF psych groups, but musically it’s in the same ballpark as a lot of Aussie garage music. This is even more amazing since this band is from Germany, which has a history of blowing it so far as garage/psych music is concerned.

The Fuzztones Live in Europe LP

This rocks! 13 live cuts from their 1985 tour of Europe, including great covers of “Human Fly” and “I’m Loose.” Expensive but great sound quality, a nice gatefold sleeve and additional flexi make it all worth it; get it and get crazy.