National Trust

Detonators Just Another Reason LP

I’ve always enjoyed this band, their exuberance, dedication, and insane stage performance. While live they create a wall of noise that’s virtually impenetrable, on record you can make out the tunes of a lot more, hear their early punk roots and still get off on their attitude. Punk lives here.

Doggy Style The Last Laugh LP

The end product of the DOGGY ROCK Project (not the Flipside DOGGY STYLE) leaves me laughing not with but at this band. A weak BEASTIE BOYS meets Top 40 radio is what comes to my mind. The only useful part of this record is the free rubber which comes inside.

Don’t No Incite the Riot LP

I think most people who read these pages know what Orange Co. straight edge bands sound like, and also know that despite their imitative streak, these bands usually have something to say and deliver that message with lots of great music. DON’T NO are not an exception to this.

Love Canal It’s a Dogs Life So Blow It Out Yer Ass LP

Quite some progress since their early demos; the humor is still strong, but isn’t as strong when mixed with the high-speed melodies, with rockin’ guitar leads and smooth production. A little too serious? Maybe just a little bit coming from this band, but still, this platter is made up of a lot of talent, energy, and potential.

M.I.A. Notes From the Underground LP

Sad but true, a once great band has drifted towards the wimp side. Ten glamor-pop-punk songs are drastically different from any of the band’s previous material. I hate to say it, but this album is a real let-down!! It would be interesting to see how the band would pull these cheesy songs off live. No longer “Music In Action”—now it’s music in limbo!

The Vandals When In Rome Do As the Vandals LP

This spirited release contains loads of wildly satiric funnypunk, with dabblings into C&W, funky rock, and similar musical madness. A lyric sheet is desperately needed to enjoy this album (none is provided), but a few songs, like the hysterical “Mohawk Town,” provoke laughter without such assistance. In the same general mood as their debut 12″, and therefore recommendable.