New Rose

La Souris Déglinguée La Souris Déglinguée LP

A mediocre band that mixes mod, punk, pop, reggae, and traditional rock ’n’ roll elements. The overall effect isn’t very exciting, though there are a couple of driving, melodic songs that click (like “Coeur de Bouddha” and “Salue les copains”). This record might have made a splash in ’78 or ’79, but nowadays it just doesn’t hold up.

V/A Play New Rose for Me 2xLP

A double LP comp with a really wide mix of mostly known bands doing cover songs. And a lot of them are 60’s covers to make it even more fun. The highlight is the DK’s doing “I Fought the Law.” There’s also ALEX CHILTON, SKY SAXON, PANTHER BURNS, SLICKE BOYS, and 20 others. Pretty great!