Out of Order

Nazgol Good Demons 12″

Driving mid-tempo punk dominated by very raw guitar and intense male and female shouters. It’s faster than FLIPPER, but has the same level of grunge and abrasiveness. One side’s studio, and the live side seems faster-paced. Both sound good.

Compos Mentis / Powerage split EP

C.M. are from New Zealand, play fast punk a la 78 on three tunes, all of which are socio-political attacks. You probably are aware that POWERAGE comes from South Africa (4 EPs out), and play highly political punk. The new drummer here wasn’t broken in when the recording took place, and it shows painfully.

V/A New Zealand EP

A five-band comp that features one song each from groups that span the length of this island nation. ACID REIGN, HOLOCAUST, DEFIANCE, and MINDFUCKERS all have a ’77 UK sound, and all the recordings are amateurish, though the latter has a most interesting track. NAZGUL is in the thrash vein, and attacks! Good cut!