Camper Van Beethoven II & III LP

This band gets even more eclectic, excessive, and mellow on this second LP. They do have some great melodies, goofy lyrics, a variety of instruments and styles: blues, country, folk, etc. They also have some dull moments. Fans will definitely rejoice; hardcore fans veer the other way.

Spot 1019 Spot 1019 LP

A difficult band to pigeonhole, SPOT 1019 veers into pop-punk, C&W, lite funk, and pseudo-surf on this LP, with good and consistent results. The material is almost always funny and catchy, and their best songs (“Surf Machine,” “16 Wheels”) very enjoyable indeed. Poppish, but very strong.

Spot 1019 Spot 1019 LP

Similar to labelmates CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN, this band manages to blend their hayseed weirdness with some wonderfully scruffy weirdness to produce a garage band that’s not afraid to try anything. SPOT is a bit more aggressive than CAMPER, however and their brand of humor less esoteric and more just plain strange

Ten Foot Faces Daze of Corndogs & Yoyos LP

Great! These guys prove way beyond their first single that they rock hard using a neo-psyche element but with a powerful 80s style. There’s some really catchy songs here and well worth listening. Good fun. Good rock n roll.