Sick Of It All It’s Clobberin’ Time / Just Lies EP

They’ve had it up to here and they’re not gonna take it anymore. So, they’re gonna bitch ‘n moan and strike out in anger. No solutions offered or recommended. The only tune that offers any emotion other than anger/revenge is “Give Respect,” which says that it’s actions that prove the person—a worthy thought. Hope to see a broadening of their range of emotions/humanity; otherwise, this is your moshable NYHC.

Tørsö Build and Break

Holy shit y’all, a good fucking record released by Revelation Records in the year 2018! TÁ˜RSÖ join fellow Bay Area punkers PRIMAL RITE as the only cool, interesting band released by the legendary label in a dog’s age. This is an excellent record: repping straightedge 2018 with a mix of classic mosh tendencies and a ton of driving Scandi-crust influence, made distinctive by both Mae’s commanding vocals (making her one of the very, very few women to appear on a Rev release) and extremely tight arrangements. “Grab A Shovel” might be the best of the bunch, with a massive outro that absolutely devastates. Thanks to a top-shelf recording job everything sounds fantastic and even the art is interesting and relevant to the band instead of being a slapped-together computerized mess.

V/A New York City Hardcore 1987: Together EP

Seven highly moshable tunes here, all showing some kind of searching attitudes. While there are still traces of the NY “hard” attitude, there’s much more of a human quality that’s replacing the naive “unity for unity’s sake” approach. Bands include YOUTH OF TODAY, SICK OF IT ALL, SIDE BY SIDE, BOLD, WARZONE, SUPERTOUCH, and GORILLA BISCUITS. Pick it up, and hope that as these bands mature they will prove less mercenary and display more emotional depth than the previous wave of NYHC.

Warzone Lower East Side Crew EP

This self-declared skinhead band hails from NYC and puts forth seven raw, demo-tape quality hardcore anthems which are similar to early AGNOSTIC FRONT, lyrically and in mentality. However, WARZONE takes the straightedge path. Patriotic graphics leave me skeptical.