Anti-Pasti East to the West / Burn in Your Own Flames 7″

Another excruciatingly boring release from this overrated band. Their attack is a slow-motion one, and I can hardly stay awake till its conclusion. The wimpy pop sound on this 45 makes it even worse than their usual offerings.

Anti-Pasti Caution in the Wind LP

Definitely not as gritty and hardcore as ANTI-PASTI’s first album, Caution in the Wind opts for a greater emphasis on melody in the mid-to-fast-tempo compositions. This “classical punk” sound adds a new dimension of distinctiveness to the songwriting (especially in standout tracks like “Get Out Now” and “Mr. Mystery”), even if it does occasionally wimpify some of ANTI-PASTI’s best songs. Entertaining, but not particularly energizing.

Special Duties Bullshit Crass / You’re Doing Yourself No Good 7″

Another great-sounding Oi record from SPECIAL DUTIES, but regrettably they’ve exhibited completely reactionary values on this one. “Bullshit Crass” is an anti-CRASS diatribe which might be funny if these clowns did even 1/100th as much as CRASS to generate intelligence and help other bands. And what can you say about goons who consider CRASS—the ultimate anarchist group—to be “Reds”? Embarrassingly stupid.

Special Duties ’77 in ’82 LP

Ditto for this long-player. SPECIAL DUTIES have everything—ripping guitars, amphetamine speed, sandpaper vocals, catchy choruses—except the all-important brains. This time they rail against the “Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,” asserting with jingoistic passion that they don’t want to die for a weak England! (Fellas, you were born about a century too late.) If the imbecility quotient wasn’t so high, this would be one of my current faves. As it is, I can’t recommend it.

Threats Politicians and Ministers 12″

Standard ’80s Britpunk. Some of these songs stand out by virtue of their higher speed and/or catchy choruses (especially the title cut and “Dead End Depression”) but most lack any distinguishing features. The 12″ contains three more tracks than the 7” version.