Rough Justice

GBH No Need to Panic! LP

Lots more variety than usual on this release. There are some songs reminiscent of the GBH of yore, but they’ve slowed down their thrash on others, added a lot more melody, and even have a couple of non-thrash tunes. Can’t say if it makes for a better overall record, but they’re at least opening up.

The Exploited Jesus is Dead 12″

On the faster tunes here, I don’t think this latest version of Wattie and Co. do as well as before, but on the more adventurous tunes, they come off very well, with a fuller sound. They can still put out some good sounds, as hard as that is to admit.

The Exploited Death Before Dishonour LP

You gotta hand it to Wattie and co., they do keep the faith. Same old hooks, still pissed-off political lyrics, and still driving punk tunes. Lotsa thrash, some pretty repetitive, but they continue to add some variety as they have over the last several releases. On the other hand, he’s gotta keep doing this — I mean, can you imagine Wattie with a skate punk look?