76% Uncertain Estimated Monkey Time LP

Former members of CIA and REFLEX FROM PAIN combine to form a new band with a sound that reminds me somewhat of DIE KREUZEN. Bones’ vocals are intense and backed up by a very tight sort of medium-paced thrash that’s delivered with power and hooks. Definitely recommended.

76% Uncertain Nothing But Love Songs LP

One of Connecticut’s finest thrash bands pops up LP #2 full of whirling hardcore that packs an introspective message. Both celebrating the positive notion of the underground and also pointing a finger at its failures. Musically, it’s a little more melodic this time, something like the catchiness of the DESCENDENTS. A must.

CIA God, Guns, Guts EP

Really powerful thrash with pronounced metallic lead breaks. CIA may not break any new ground, but with this debut they prove themselves to be one of the East Coast’s best new entries. Lyric-wise, “Commie Control” is pretty inane, but the other titles make a lot of sense, which they backed up by playing at the DC “Rock Against Reagan” show.