B-Strife Tears of 56 EP

For the most part, this is a pretty unaccomplished outfit, ragged around the edges. But on two of the four tracks, especially on “Fuck the Clumsy Metal,” their charm (and special effects) come through.

Gasmask Massatu EP

Medium-paced thrash in a sort of English style, with those gruff Japanese growls attached. Most of the Japanese bands that play whatever type of punk do seem to add some complexity to them, making for some gripping tunes; plus, as with this band, they’re good musicians.

Kimaira 13日の金曜日 EP

The vocals are on the ghoulish side, deep and echoey. The music is slow- to mid-tempo punk and relatively uninspiring, but not incompetent by any means. Better at droners than punkers.