Fetish World Eater LP

This record was tragically and unknowingly Thee Slayer Hippie’s swan song, but World Eater sealed FETISH’s place as a logical (and dare I say spiritual) successor to POISON IDEA. Their earlier single was fantastic, with the A-side (re-recorded for this LP) putting forth a raging Feel the Darkness-faithful sound all the way down to Jerry A’s talking voice, bringing to mind “Death of an Idiot Blues” in particular. But World Eater is a mammoth LP that both connects Feel the Darkness to the present and pushes that sound forward while invoking something both timeless and eternal. If you don’t feel the urge to rage, choke up, and sing along to the soulful crooning of “Voyager,” I don’t know what to say.

Krig I Hudik III LP

These guys cranked out a couple EPs nearly ten years ago, likely embraced by fans of raucous Swedish hardcore punk. According to little research KRIG I HUDIK is a cover band of sorts, with members of MISSBRUKARNA, TOTALITÄR, BRAINBOMBS and SWINEHOOD rendering songs from Rolf RevÁ¥lt’s late’-70s/early-’80s bands. If you worship Swedish punk, TOTALITÄR and MISSBRUKARNA should be on your altar, and with Poffen’s signature vocal style and the drilling guitars KRIG I HUDIK continues to sound like a mix of those two bands. This 12″ compiles fluid and expert renderings of songs by MASSGRAV, DAGENS UNGDOM, ROLF & REVOLTÖRERNA, the TURFS, MISSBRUKARNA and a couple uncredited…originals? Who knows, but it’s a great slab of expert-level raw hardcore punk. I like the previous 7″s better but that’s probably just a personal format bias.

Vaxine Leeches EP

This ones a total no-brainer. After an absolutely bulletproof demo in 2019 that I just listened to ten minutes ago, Brooklyn’s VAXINE returns to slay with their debut platter. A real fucking super group with members of PMS 84, SPETSNAZ, and SAD BOYS among zillions more of your favorite bands. You know what you’re in for with all that and the best of UK and Bristol by way of Osaka…CHAOS UK, the SWANKYS, EXPLOITED and I want to say a little classic UK SUBS. Kicks off with “Leeches” which is what I’m sure feeling right now and does not let up. Song titles like “Less Than Human,” “Never Ending Fight,’, “In Decline” and “Mundane Life” beg you to wonder if this is a cry for help or a legitimate expression of the shit we’re in?!  Plenty of vocal echo and chaotic guitar mayhem with a pounding tribal beat and Anya’s bass which just makes everything… fun! I don’t want to say you’re lame for not liking this, but you’re definitely a little less of a good time in my eyes. The world needs VAXINE now! (Yeah, I had to say it.)