SPK Leichenschrei LP

SPK, utilizing their encyclopedic knowledge of sound and its relation to specific emotional states, hit the bull’s eye with this landmark industrial music release. Leichenschrei takes perfectly orchestrated chunks of noise, modulates them with a powerful percussion section, and even adds little shreds of humor for the hell of it. The result: industrial music-making that, instead of isolating the listener, involves them. One of the three or four best LPs of 1982, no question about it.

Toiling Midgets Dead Beats LP

This is a posthumous release from this experimental guitar band. The two guitarists weave a chiming type of rhythm with burning, fuzzed-out leads that, together with rock-solid drumming, beat a lot of English bands to the punch. Mostly instrumental, these tracks should appeal to fans of SISTERS OF MERCY or JESUS AND MARY CHAIN.

Toiling Midgets Dead Beats LP

This band had former members of SLEEPERS and NEGATIVE TREND, and this record was released after they had broken up for a couple of years. A very hard band to peg, because they play too slow for the punks and too loud for everybody else. But they had a great thundering guitar sound that was mixed with delicate, chiming pieces that had a dreamy quality to it.