Death Ridge Boys Too Much Bullshit LP

Portland street rock’n’rollers DEATH RIDGE BOYS have been kicking around since 2017, which is impressive considering their latest, Too Much Bullshit, sits so comfortably next to the newer crop of Oi! bands like VIOLENT WAY and the CHISEL. In fact, I’d say that if you’re into the CHISEL, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be a fan here. It’s all very anthemic, very catchy, and very sing-along friendly, perfect for a night out with the lads. And while the message is similar to the aforementioned bands, the delivery is a little more lighthearted and upbeat. Checkout “Gunnin’ For You,” which sounds more pub rock than Oi! and most definitely has some of fellow Portlanders the RIFFS in its DNA. If I have to dock points for anything, it’s the times DEATH RIDGE BOYS drift into Irish punk territory à la DROPKICK MURPHYS, like on “Oh Fashy.” I’m no hater, but I’ve never been a fan of the style. In any event, it’s a small qualm with an otherwise solid album.

Poison Idea Pig’s Last Stand 2xLP

“Ladies and gentlemen! Would you please welcome, for the very last time, ever, the world’s fattest junkies, POISON IDEA!” And so it begins, the last show from the undefeated kings of punk, the mighty POISON IDEA, recorded live at La Luna in Portland, OR on June 6, 1993. A classic setlist of hardcore classics from an essential hardcore band, complete with face-melting covers of G.I.S.M., WIPERS, BAUHAUS, and the RAMONES. Released back in ’96 by Sub Pop as a CD, Pig’s Last Stand now sees its rightful vinyl release with a double-LP in a gatefold jacket with previously unpublished photographs from the show. Each LP includes a poster print of the original show flyer designed by Mike King and a bonus DVD of a four-camera shoot of the “Farewell” gig. The sound is amazing on this one and it shows the unmatched musicianship that made them the kings of punk. Newer bands should take a page or two from this record. R.I.P. Pig Champion.

Poison Idea Record Collectors Are Still Pretentious Assholes LP

I just checked, and the classic Portland punk of POISON IDEA still destroys. This sophomore release from the band captures a POISON IDEA that’s matured from the straight beatdown thrash of Pick Your King and is in the process of turning into the polished unit that would produce Kings of Punk, and it rules. This LP reissue pairs the original eight tracks from the EP with five more from the Drinking is Great and Cleanse the Bacteria compilations, including a cover of the STOOGES “I Got a Right,” and its humblebrag cover artwork remains intact (who the hell was thinking about JOHNNY MOPED in 1984?).