Circle Jerks Group Sex LP reissue

The classic first album by this legendary Southern California band gets a fancy reissue on new label Trust Records. It’s been remastered and includes a 12″x12″ booklet full of photos, flyers, and anecdotes by a plethora of well-known fans and contemporaries. In addition to the original tracks, this new version also includes five bonus rehearsal demos taken from a boombox recording. In all honesty, these tracks, while cool, are not necessary and probably should have been left off this LP and instead been released on a bonus 7″, as they kinda throw off the listening experience of this record. All in all, if you’ve got the loot to spend and don’t already own a copy of Group Sex or if your copy is need of an upgrade, if I were you I’d spring for this version. (I believe that Frontier still keeps this album in print.)

V/A Trust Vinyl flexi EP

This comes with issue #10 of Trust zine and has one song each by three of Germany’s current crop of HC hopefuls. The EMILS play an ultra-fast tune, CROWD OF ISOLATED have a slightly slower but very powerful sound that rips, and JINGO DE LUNCH come on with a late-period AVENGERS sound.