What Goes On

Died Pretty Next to Nothing 12″

I’m really locked on the DIED PRETTY’s latest. Some of this is very similar to the early attempts by the WHO and KINKS at psychedelia. Real nice, catchy melodies with haunting vocals, not really muscular but the little flourishes make this record.

The Celibate Rifles Mina Mina Mina LP

This is the second LP by this Australian band and it contains some remixes on certain songs. Very different from the LP (their third) reviewed last issue. Anyway, this band follows all the great traditions set down by bands like the MC5, STOOGES, RADIO BIRDMAN, and the SAINTS. Some outstanding, hard-hitting rock with even some soft ballads thrown in.

The Celibate Rifles Kiss Kiss Bang Bang LP

I’m not too keen on live recordings unless they’re amazingly electric, conveying a dynamic unavailable in a studio. As far as this one goes, it’s okay, giving you a good idea of the RIFLES’ hard-driving Australian rock meets early punk. But special? No.

The Nomads Outburst LP

This debut US release of Swedish veterans the NOMADS contains four tracks from their recent Where the Wolfbane Blooms 12″, but don’t let that stop you from picking this one up. The NOMADS are without a doubt the best of the neo-’60s punkers today, with some of the nastiest guitar licks going. Killer!