The Nomads


The Nomads Hardware LP

Again, cleaned and prettied up. The tunes are still cool, but the bite and raunch just isn’t there, that extra spark of rock’n’roll that heads a band over the line into madness. Too reserved.

The Nomads 16 Forever / Salvation by Damnation 7″

I guess it had to happen, but the NOMADS have toned it down. Both sides lack the raucous, free-swingin’, guitar crazed rock ‘n’ roll that I loved em for. Instead, we get two medium paced, thick sound production tunes that are decent but pale in comparison to their early rave-ups. Alas.

The Nomads She Pays the Rent 12″

A three-song job featuring a cover of the LYRES’ “She Pays the Rent” (a hotter version than the original), a pounding “My Little Ruby,” and then a very atypical “Nitroglycerine Shrieks” (a crypto, unrelenting post-punk blaster like LINK WRAY on acid). Hot as always.

The Nomads Outburst LP

This debut US release of Swedish veterans the NOMADS contains four tracks from their recent Where the Wolfbane Blooms 12″, but don’t let that stop you from picking this one up. The NOMADS are without a doubt the best of the neo-’60s punkers today, with some of the nastiest guitar licks going. Killer!

The Nomads Where the Wolf Bane Blooms 12″

This Swedish four-piece must have problems getting gigs, as their sound is pure ’60s-style garage punk. Their main influences seem to be from the Pacific Northwest, most notably the SONICS and the WAILERS, yet the NOMADS also display some rockabilly tendencies. They are modern masters in the war of distortion, and fans of the CHESTERFIELD KINGS, the UNCLAIMED, and the FLESHTONES should check them out.