Fixed Up


Fixed Up On Your Line / New Two 7″

Sounding a lot like the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES in both their early ’70s “Slow Death” sound and their later jangly guitar stage, this single is pretty rockin’. While they don’t flip out totally, it’s good, powerful R’n’B rockin’, especially the B-side.

Fixed Up Fixed Up LP

This band reminds me most of the earliest incarnation of the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES (circa 1967-’71), with their rockin’ R’n’B. The singer has a definite ROY LONEY feel to his voice, which has to be more than a coincidence. OK, but not as cool as the originators.

Fixed Up Take a Look at Me EP

A guitar-oriented R’n’B band with a real basic approach, in the tradition of LITTLE BOB STORY and the SEAN TYLA BAND. This old-fashioned type of music requires a raunchy, almost “live” sound to really hit the mark in this day and age, and FIXED-UP don’t always achieve it here. “I Can’t Sleep” and “Miss T” are cool, though.