Scoundrels Oh No! Not Again! LP

Holland’s SCOUNDRELS return after 31 years absent with a not too inventively titled album. I had to do some research, being not so knowledgeable about their back catalog. They started around 1986 doing a sort of anarcho post-punk thing. While this keeps some of that element in songs like “Outsider,” much of this veers towards a later-period SoCal punk sound. It’s sort of like those mediocre SOCIAL DISTORTION or ADOLESCENTS (ADZ) songs. They do one of those bad funk-inspired politico song attempts on “Molasses” that’s really unfortunate. They keep it real on Bandcamp, loading a bonus CRASS cover/remix piece of awfulness as a bonus track at the end. Why? Well, maybe to keep you ready for another round in 2053. Punk is dead?