Palánta Palánta demo cassette

PALÁNTA plays everything. Such a weird band with such a weird release, presenting a broad musical spectrum from egg-ish garage punk through Krautrock and experimental prog to hardcore. If you think about an unusual punk record and then multiply it by two, you will get close to what is happening on this tape. The vocals sound at least doubled and have the effect of coming from everywhere, while the lyrics are hard to understand, which makes it seem even more like otherworldly yells from a strange cosmos. It is rather an experimental album and got into my scope due to all the members playing in a half-dozen punk and hardcore bands from Budapest (UNIT 731, TUNGA PENETRÁNS, ÉSZLELÉS, BALTA, UNHOLY SATIVA), yet it has the “fuck you” edge and the conflict that turns rock music into punk music. Keyboards added to the classic band lineup already introduces some different possibilities, then they just change styles and are brave to not make any sense within their songs. Meanwhile, it feels consciously free, with each element organically grabbing each other and creating the complete picture. Also, it’s fun and easy to listen to—the tape has great dynamics and there is nothing challenging. It does not mean I like the release, because it is definitely not up my alley, but I could still blast it without any resistance several times in a row while typing all this in. If you are looking for a record that stretches the definition of punk, one that has multiple layers which are as exciting to be discovered as going through a sonic puzzle, and if you are into not chaotic but head-spinning, mind-bending music, then PALÁNTA just wrote an album for you.