Dez Dare A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. CD

Solo project from Australia that sounds like MONSTER MAGNET and DEVO caught in a drug bust. Heavy groove riffs and psych experimentation nestle up to chirping 8-bit synths and crunchy beats, accompanied by spoken/barked vocals. The production is perfect: DIY, open-room sound with big drums and bigger guitars and vocals slightly low in the mix. It sounds live, but it also sounds meticulously crafted at the same time. “Got a Fire in my Socket” opens the album with new wave keys and buzzing bass, while the next few tracks, “Matter Vs Matter” and “10,000 Monkeys + An Argument with Time,” bring out the super riffs. It’s an unusual combination of dorky guitar hero power, but it flows so well and comes across so naturally that you’ll question why this isn’t a regular genre blueprint. “Entangled Entropy” features swelling synths and a post-punk bouncing bass line with a vocal melody that recalls the mellower moments of TOTAL CONTROL. Highly unique and highly recommended.