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September 16th, 2010 by

Trans-national hardcore ragers PETTYBONE have been shaking things up in London for the past few months, injecting some much needed socially conscious girl rage into the largely boy-centric punk scene in this city. Ivona, Amy, Lianna and Zel make up Pettybone, from Czech Republic, Germany, London and Cornwall respectively!  Their music is fairly unclassifiable in the best way, but mixes bits of ‘big’ sounding metallic hardcore that’s heavy on the chug with mid-paced, almost crusty sounds and a dose of ’90s-style impassioned melody. It’s just really exciting.

Of their name, they say:

We’re named after the artist Raymond Pettibon with a feminine twist […] One of most – if not the most iconic artist in punk rock. Although a few people have asked if we are Undertow / Edge Of Reason tribute band after John Pettibone. However this is not true.

They’ve just recorded an album in Putney with Sam Thredder, which has been mixed by Kurt Ballou, and are currently looking for someone to put it out.

You can listen to their demo, being given away at shows, currently here.

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9 10 2010
al ryan (04:03:35) :

ONE big question….Is it true that Pettybone are touring Israel in the near future? If so I’d like to know why? Going to Israel is a bad as those bands and others who broke the boycotts during the Apartheid Government that controlled South Africa. What is going on in the occupied arab territories is exactly the same. There is no excuse. I hope the rumours are wrong. If not the bands lyrics are just so much window dressing rebelwash.

24 11 2010
Amy Pettybone (02:13:57) :

Hey, thanks for the comment. Yes we are going to Israel. Shutting yourself of from the conflict will do nothing. It is far more important to go there and see for yourself what is happening. Our tour in Israel, will be supported by the punk community there, it is them that has invited us, not the Israeli state. With my last band Hello Bastards we went to the Occupied Territories, we joined up with Anarchists Against The Wall, we took part in demonstrations against the racist Israeli apartheid state, we were shot at, we saw people being shot at by live rounds, is that still supporting the Israeli state??? When we go to Israel with Pettybone, it will be along the same lines. We will be joining up with AATW, we will be going to the Occupied Territories, again, to see with our own eyes what is going on. To even believe that us going to Israel is the same as supporting the Israeli state is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I have been supporting the Palestinian struggle for self-determination since I first got into activism, 17 years ago my friend. Stay behind your computer, it seems that’s about all the activism you can muster! Amy

5 12 2010
Sarah (08:10:30) :


Pettybone are one of the few bands with something worthwhile to say, and I know they are not just talking for the sake of it, they are giving a much need kick up the ass of this scene, and I welcome that.

22 01 2011
Gutzy (06:00:34) :

Awesome stuff here! I hope to see you soon in Tel Aviv, I’m playing drums w/ the two other bands on 17.2 gig at the Rugatka Veggie bar. I can’t wait, my arms already hurt!

And just in case it wasn’t obvious enough – the Israeli punk scene has one voice which is oblivious to changes in fashion, lifestyle or any “way of life” bullshit, and that voice is committed to total dissent against the proto-fascist government currently in power and its inhumane policies in the occupied territories as well as those recently pointed against the general population, Jews and Arabs alike. We are also really cool people who play in cool bands, and we’re more willing to accept the differences among ourselves when compared to other ‘punk scenes’ in other places around the world, and much less likely to spawn ‘breakaway scenes’ for any ridiculous fad that can be printed on a back-patch. We’re not playing with poo-poo or fight over what’s written on someone’s jacket or about politics of half-the-world-away, this all seems really pointless when you actually live here.
Bands in Europe and around the world – support us, not our asshole government. Book your next tour in Israel.

3 11 2012
Ouch (14:10:28) :

@Amy Pettybone – I understand your irritation but your response is kinda spikey, no? Al Ryan may have got the wrong end of the stick but s/he wasn’t abusive, is there any need to be so fierce in your response? Chill :-)

@Gutzy – From what I’ve heard, the Israeli punk scene isn’t as perfect as you make out…

8 11 2012
Corrina Crackbox (21:18:19) :

I just wanted to say that this band is true blue to what they stand for.

I can understand a spikey (we are punk right?) responce cuz playin music and touring and being a radical takes alot of work and you make no money and you make alot of sacrafices to do this kind of thing and you put your ass out there on the line to be scruitenized cuz its all you can do to make the world a better place, you spen’d alot of time away from your loved ones and when you get criticized for giving it your all by someone who doesnt even ask you the reasons behind your motives before publicly discrediting you it blows, it really blows. I think people sometimes forget that musicians are human too and it hurts to be called out when you give all your heart to the music and your politics.

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