New Band Spotlight: Stab

April 26th, 2011 by

Starting to play gigs around December last year, STAB is a new band coming out of the current London straight edge crowd, playing fast, raw,  blown out, politically aware hardcore, taking a heavy influence from UK hardcore heavyweights such as Ripcord and Heresy.  I was lucky enough to be visiting the UK when they played their second gig in a cramped practice room and unleashed a hectic and blinding set that blew me away.

They’ve just put out a killer 7-song demo tape that covers topics from the current rise of the right wing in Britain and beyond, and the use of drugs for social control and cultural imperialism. It hasn’t left my tape deck since getting my hands on it.  You can get a copy at the band’s blog which also has one of the demo songs for download, along with a practice room recording.  Apparently, a 7″ is in the works that I can’t wait to get hold of, as well as a Spanish tour — so if you live in Spain make sure to check it out!

(photo by Daniel Knott)

5 responses to “New Band Spotlight: Stab”

26 04 2011
baitsam (15:48:58) :

this is some band that are straight edge when nearly everyone drinks.

26 04 2011
haha (16:38:07) :

sam, your the kid that stupidly spin kicks everyone at london gigs, ruining people’s experiences! stab are great. some great ukhc sxe bands around at the moment

27 04 2011
Blair (20:36:28) :

Wow this is like a forum ;) nice, don’t think i’ll ever get the elitism of ‘punk’, guess we’re only human damn you, respect maan but never be afraid to call spade a shovel.

28 04 2011
tyler (22:44:14) :

fuck yeah, this rules!

1 05 2011
helloooo (08:07:23) :


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