Agathocles / Malicious Algorithm split EP

I know that I should know better by this point, but every time I see a new AGATHOCLES split, my first reaction is always “wow, another one?”— I’m sure I’m not alone here. And usually, right before I throw it on, I always assume that this EP will be the one where they start phoning it in; that their side of the slab will be a bit of a bore or lazy or unimaginative or what have you. However, once the record starts spinning, I wonder why I ever doubted them at all. AGATHOCLES always delivers, and such is the case with their new split with California’s MALICIOUS ALGORITHM. AGATHOCLES strays a bit from their classic mincecore styling, opting for a slower, sludgier sound. MALICIOUS ALGORITHM plays brutal, lightning-fast powerviolence, but also with a classic grind influence as the guitars and blastbeats pair exceptionally well together. Both bands sound different enough to make this a quality split.

Agathocles / Shitload split cassette

AGATHOCLES pumps out raw, unhinged mincecore sounding like it was recorded in a public toilet. Nasty, brutish, and short, each of their 25 tracks on this split is a punch to the face. Some tracks, like “Porcelain A,” fold some of that sweet D-beat into the mix. All of it has that trademark snare drum/cymbal overload and growling, political vocals you’d expect from these veterans. Then, taking a huge swerve into another dimension, SHITLOAD starts blasting straight-up migraine fuel. The second of their seven tracks of dissonance and shouting is entitled “Kazoos, Whistles, Feedback and Noise.” I appreciate when things are labeled precisely as what they are. I don’t even know what to compare this stuff to, but I do love their track titles. My favorite is “Brah, You Shoulda Seent Da Looks People Were Givin Me When I Wore My Mawbid Angel Shirt With Da Sleeves Cut Off In Rouse’s.”