Enemy Maladjusted LP

The title Maladjusted hints at the rebellious spirit of hardcore, as it embodies the raw power and unapologetic energy that defines the genre. Hailing from the vibrant L.A. scene, ENEMY launches into a relentless onslaught of ear-pounding beats, blistering riffs, and vocals that bristle with intensity. The saxophone on opener “Unprecedented/Zero Sum-Game” denotes a certain influence from local legends FEAR, paying homage to the band’s roots while injecting a modern edge. Tracks like “The Freak” showcase their ability to meld melodic hooks with unbridled ferocity, creating an infectious energy that’s hard to resist. For fans of classic USHC, a sonic statement that refuses to be ignored.

Enemy Distrust cassette

Ooh baby, this is tough. Heavy hardcore riffs and tough-as-nails breakdowns. ENEMY doesn’t come off particularly like tough guys, though. Do I feel that way because of the polite hand-written note which accompanied the cassette? Perhaps it’s because of the band name and song titles written in pink paint marker directly onto the cassette shell in lieu of any sort of artwork? Either way, I dig the effort. I can’t find any info about the band, but I hope to because this is hard enough to get us aging punkers out of mosh retirement.

Enemy 4 Songs cassette

Maximum brutality on this four-song banger. High speed, high energy, and devastatingly heavy Los Angeles hardcore that successfully harnesses California’s catchy early-’80s punk and dumps a colossal amount of tonnage on its collective back. Check the urgent stomp of “Glüm” (my choice track) and see if you’re still standing when it’s over. The EP from a while back was good, they were great when I saw them last year, but this shit? This thing is unreal.