GG Allin & the Scumfucs


GG Allin & the Scumfucs You’ll Never Tame Me cassette

GG will never change. Rockin’ early punk-style garage numbers and every combination of obscenity and sexual depravity. We decided a woman should review GG to see if he really is offensive, and I think that if you are offended with such absurdities as “I Wanna Fuck Myself” (“cause I’m the best”) or “Needle Up My Cock” or “Kill the Children, Save the Food” and don’t see the obvious ridiculous satire, you’re just as sexually repressed as GG. If you like to hear strings of cuss words for 45 minutes, find this tape.

GG Allin & the Scumfucs I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out EP

Well, GG has once again risen to a new low… “I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out”? “I’m Gonna Rape You”? I dunno, he might be able to get away with that shit if there was any streak of humor in there but instead there’s a really nasty streak of misogyny here. I’m not sure which is more disgusting, the songs or the pictures of ALLIN masturbating and shooting up. It’s not even intelligent enough to offend. Just pitiful.

GG Allin & the Scumfucs I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out cassette

Do you think that if I give this a bad review, G.G. ALLIN will stop sending me something new to review every issue? Probably not, but it’s worth a try. Here goes: The only thing smaller than this guy’s brain is his dick, which he tries to overcompensate for by writing pathetic songs (four of ’em here) of sexual degeneration. Wishes he were IGGY, but his ego’s too big to accept such “small-time” status. Okay, G.G., send the next one…

GG Allin & the Scumfucs Eat My Fuc 12″

Like it or not, GG represents the authentic spirit of “rock ’n’ roll.” After half a dozen 7″ers and an album, you’d expect him to mellow out, but he’s more primitive and disgusting than ever. I mean, the production on this garage release is almost as distorted as GG’s values! With a homemade drawing of an ejaculating member on the cover and reflective song titles like “Fuckin’ the Dog,” “Clit Licker,” “Drink, Fight, and Fuck,” and “Cock on the Loose,” this would make a perfect gift for Sunday School teachers all across America.

Artless / GG Allin & the Scumfucs split EP

A suitable mixture of retardation, one natural (G.G.), one contrived (ARTLESS). G.G.’s SCUMFUCS belt out a couple of sleazily recorded garage guitar classics like “Drink, Fight, and Fuc.” Mykel Board’s ART and ARTLESS perform some fast, tightly wound punk with a sarcastic Republican/Reaganoid stance. If anyone takes either of these “shocking” characters too seriously, they must be “dense-packed.”