Graven Image


Graven Image Studio Sessions: ’82-’83 LP

It’s a great day when I get to hear an unknown (to me) 1980s USHC band, especially from the South, in an age when dug-up material that’s better off unheard is spewed all over the internet daily like rancid old discharge (not the band). I immediately recognized “My World” from my well-worn-out copy of  the Party or Go Home comp. Everything else here is new to me, not being from Richmond, VA, where they reigned for a good year or so (a long time in teen ’80s hardcore years). They have a lot in common with bands from the era like WHITE CROSS, NO ROCK STARS, or HONOR ROLE—GRAVEN IMAGE’s half of a ’82 split tape with the latter called Your Skull is My Bowl! (best title) is included here. You also get their Kicked Out of the Scene EP, as well as some unheard gems from each session. Shit. If you’re really feeling it, the band has a live set on their own page for your listening pleasure, and there’s a really good article out there on the tragic demise and death of their singer Dwayne Curd if you search for it. Thanks once again to Beach Impediment for the education and just for bringin’ it.

Graven Image Kicked Out of the Scene EP

GRAVEN IMAGE’s thrash doesn’t always hang together, but when it does gel, they have a MINOR THREATish sound. Lyrically, the topics are interesting and, at times, more than a little confused. For example on “Nails and Thorns” they warn punks not to reject Jesus because one might need “Him” someday, and that being an atheist means paving the way for Communism. Huh?