Honor Role


Honor Role The Pretty Song LP

HONOR ROLE has devolved since their highly distinctive debut. Time seems to have eroded the vocal uniqueness and punky tightness of the past; while there’s good, hard guitarwork and some interesting ideas, not one song really stands out from the pack.

Honor Role Judgement Day / Anonymous Cave 7″

Their first records will stay dear in my memory, but the new HONOR ROLE sound is much stronger and improved. Excellent production matched up with stuttering rhythms and great rough vocals make this a top-notch effort.

Honor Role It Bled Like a Stuck Pig EP

A new thrash outfit distinguished by a clean, undistorted guitar tone, unusually youthful vocals, and some clever bridges. The overall sound is too thin to generate a spastic head-banging response, but some of the tracks have exuberant choruses (like “New Hope” and “I’m a Nerd”). Give it a listen.