Hoodoo Gurus


Hoodoo Gurus Stoneage Romeos LP

There are a couple of pop clunkers on here, but most of the GURUS’ songs are fairly powerful in a style combining T. REX and SAINTS influences. Like many Oz bands, they’ve adopted that earlier ’70s punkoid guitar sound, but lay it over somewhat poppier song structures. At least one person we know thinks that the GURUS are God!

Hoodoo Gurus Tojo / (Let’s All) Turn On 7″

The A-side is OK power-pop in the better sense of the term, but the flip is more up-tempo and harder. Both are in a ’60s vein, with great choruses, sharp lead guitars, cool structures, and an occasional harmonica. Plus one of the members looks exactly like Brian Jones from the STONES. Unreal!