Lyle Hysen

Swans Cop LP

Words that once used to adequately describe the SWANS—like “grinding, crunching, noisy, and painful” are not obsolete. Nothing can describe the total off-the-wall intensity of this band. Everyone should hear an album like this at least once in their lives. Definitely the kind of music sloths reproduce by….

Salem 66 Across the Sea / Pony Song 7″

Really nice stuff here from SALEM 66. “Across the Sea” features some cool guitar and vocal interplay which is highlighted by a super chorus. The B-side falters in its vocals and length, but it’s still strong. Play it for your Mom.

The Damned Thanks for the Night / Nasty 7″

Hey, I like the DAMNED as much as the next person, however, their latest single is no great shakes. It seems as if the DAMNED, of all bands, are in some sort of musical rut. Both songs seem to be out-takes from the Strawberries sessions. In fact, “Thanks for the Night” strikes more than a striking resemblance to “Ignite,” the opening track on that LP. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to their upcoming album.

The Bangles Hero Takes the Fall / Where Were You When I Needed You 7″

I have always been a sucker for the BANGLES and their clean Rickenbackers and harmonies, so I therefore dig these vinyl grooves as well. No way as cool as their early stuff, but still enjoyable, to say the least. Also, considering that this is their first release on Columbia—”boo” says Tim Y—they could have done a lot worse.