Swans Time is Money (Bastard) 12″

This NY industrial band is known for playing at a horribly slow pace and most of their songs deal with sex, violence, and pain. This time out they stick with the same subject matter but speed up the tempo to an almost rock beat. For the more adventurous.

Swans Young God 12″

Tried listening to this while depressed—I broke into hysterical laughter. Tried listening while in a good mood—I whipped off the needle. But it’s “hip” to like this kind of painfully slow, “wrenching” post-punk noise, right? Guess I’m uncool.

Swans Cop LP

Words that once used to adequately describe the SWANS—like “grinding, crunching, noisy, and painful” are not obsolete. Nothing can describe the total off-the-wall intensity of this band. Everyone should hear an album like this at least once in their lives. Definitely the kind of music sloths reproduce by….

Swans Filth LP

The best of New York’s art-damaged bands. They play plodding, dissonant noise with industrial overtones, a demonic dirge that’s almost unlistenable for the most part. It’s precisely that unlistenability that makes them so great. Aggressive and abrasive as hell.