The Bangles


The Bangles Hero Takes the Fall / Where Were You When I Needed You 7″

I have always been a sucker for the BANGLES and their clean Rickenbackers and harmonies, so I therefore dig these vinyl grooves as well. No way as cool as their early stuff, but still enjoyable, to say the least. Also, considering that this is their first release on Columbia—”boo” says Tim Y—they could have done a lot worse.

The Bangles The Real World 12″

A few people I know rave about the BANGLES, but I just don’t understand why. Some of their originals do have a ’60s feel (“Want You” and “Mary Street” on this EP), but most are examples of overproduced new wave pablum Á  la GO-GO’S. Even their LA-DE-DA’S cover (“How Is the Air Up There?”) is lame.

The Bangles Getting Out of Hand / Call On Me 7″

It could be the best girl group to come along since the SHANGRI-LAS. “Getting Out of Hand” is the standout cut with great vocals and sparse garage instrumentation. Sounds like everything you thought that “other” LA band was going to but didn’t.