Inca Babies


Inca Babies This Train… LP

It’s easy to complain that the BABIES are too much like the BIRTHDAY PARTY, but after some classic singles, this LP isn’t bad. While no one song really stands out, the total record is quite enjoyable, adding Southern-style blues and pickin’ to psycho post-punk.

Inca Babies The Judge / Bus Breaker 7″

I’m not sure if the world needs another BIRTHDAY PARTY clone, but as far as these clones go, this outfit is one of the best at carrying out that demented tradition. This new 45 has a rockin’, hard edge that gives it an R&B/CRAMPS feel, and of course there’s lots of screeching vocals.

Inca Babies Big Jugular 12″

The INCA BABIES’ songs cop the BIRTHDAY PARTY’s maniacal dementia almost to a note; the song titles, lyrics, and cover jacket all aim for the same impoverished slant; and they even attempt the same silly kind of haircuts. Fans of the BIRTHDAY PARTY will find it hard to forgive these transgressions, but may also find themselves immersed by this band’s considerable mimicking skills—their blare is pretty substantial, but not very original in conception.

Inca Babies Grunt Cadillac Hotel / No Sacred Sound 7″

Both sides contain metallic-edged rhythmic punches Á  la BIRTHDAY PARTY. The vocals evoke that band too, but it really doesn’t diminish the value and strength of these songs, as there are other influences here (the CRAMPS?) that make for fine listening.