Jimmy Johnson

The New Christs Like a Curse / Sun God 7″

There’s something downright pure and mystical about the straight-ahead, no-frills rock that originates in Australia, and this thoroughly powerhouse slab of vinyl by the NEW CHRISTS amply demonstrates that magic. Both tracks display forceful, ringing guitar plowing over an amazingly propulsive rhythm section that creates a wailing, detonating attack. A perfect loud and crunching record that even humbles the SAINTS, the LIME SPIDERS, or anything else of that sort.

Inca Babies Big Jugular 12″

The INCA BABIES’ songs cop the BIRTHDAY PARTY’s maniacal dementia almost to a note; the song titles, lyrics, and cover jacket all aim for the same impoverished slant; and they even attempt the same silly kind of haircuts. Fans of the BIRTHDAY PARTY will find it hard to forgive these transgressions, but may also find themselves immersed by this band’s considerable mimicking skills—their blare is pretty substantial, but not very original in conception.

Folk Devils Hank Turns Blue / Chewing the Flesh 7″

Long-term followers of the UK music scene are well aware of the strict regimentation that has been firmly established there, and they should be equally aware of the increasing rarity of bands that actually dare to ignore all the predetermined guidelines for acceptance. It seems like the FOLK DEVILS are one such band. These guys play furious, uproaring rock with a very hard-edged R&B feel. Not overbearing, but simply destructive in an almost subtle way. A real band concerning itself with real music… not empty words.