Lothario / New Buck Biloxi Tour split EP

Tour split effort brought to us by Under the Gun, featuring NEW BUCK BILOXI and their lo-fi, messy punk with a very cutting-edge sound, who bring two cold and blunt tracks with some kind of sordid anger that was very much on-point with deranged, mildly distorted guitars, and LOTHARIO, with a heavily effected vocal and strident, deep-fried strings and synth-driven drums on “Doggy.” For “Missing Person,” the ranting is reduced to get us some very danceable garage-y post-punk. Interesting split between friends.

Lothario Drunk Fuck / Black Hair 7″

I want to take a moment to commend Mr. Goodbye Boozy. I feel like the 7”—the best medium for punk!—is becoming an endangered format. Most labels are either abandoning them entirely, or charging, like, $12 a record to make them financially viable, which I have to imagine contributes to their waning popularity. Meanwhile, Goodbye Boozy is pumping them out like there’s still a market for stocking jukeboxes, and offering them up at fairly punk-friendly prices. And he continues to hook up with acts that are perfect for the format. Take for instance LOTARIO, a new recording project from Melbourne artist Annaliese Redlich (IMPERIAL LEATHER/Triple R’s Neon Sunset program). Here we’re getting two quick, catchy tunes, one per side, about being dumb and horny and bored. It’s part dum-dum garage punk à la BUCK BILOXI (who’s playing drums here), part An Ideal For Living-era JOY DIVISION, part something with a more industrial timbre, like late ’00s LILI Z, but also still a little melodic and gentle (particularly this B-side). It’s great! Do I need more than five minutes of it? I mean, I’d certainly take it! But let’s just appreciate this release for what it is: an easy-to-digest portion of cool punk and a lovely artifact that doubles as a great argument for the continued existence of the best format. You should buy a copy!