New Buck Biloxi


Lothario / New Buck Biloxi Tour split EP

Tour split effort brought to us by Under the Gun, featuring NEW BUCK BILOXI and their lo-fi, messy punk with a very cutting-edge sound, who bring two cold and blunt tracks with some kind of sordid anger that was very much on-point with deranged, mildly distorted guitars, and LOTHARIO, with a heavily effected vocal and strident, deep-fried strings and synth-driven drums on “Doggy.” For “Missing Person,” the ranting is reduced to get us some very danceable garage-y post-punk. Interesting split between friends.

New Buck Biloxi Cellular Automaton LP

Okay, so first things first: the NEW BUCK BILOXI is pretty similar to the old. And thank god for that. This is like the motorik equivalent of pissed, pop-structured garage punk, with everything tuned for maximum efficiency and impact. Here, BILOXI’s (a.k.a. Robert Craig) voice takes on the sort of detached android quality one might expect given the album title, which lends an almost inhuman edge to the hopelessness on display, especially in tracks like the all-too-relatable “My Hole.” What made Craig’s previous output so legendary is all still here, but reduced down into a demiglace of nihilism. Super condensed, end-of-world self-mythologizing at its pinnacle. If you don’t love it, you’re probably a loser—them’s the rules.