Maniacs Chainsaw Blues / New Morning 7″

Both sides of his German band’s latest are excellent pop punk. Well produced, catchy tunes and lots of guitar and vocal choruses. Classic punk.

Maniacs The White Rose of Resistance LP

These 12 songs from this veteran German band pound out the melodies and harmonies, combining them with a nice raw edge. The vocals carry politically concerned lyrics smoothly and stand aside while several Oi rooted chants step in. Catch and rockin’.

Maniacs / Tin Can Army split LP

A new German release with a different band on each side. The MANIACS have a thrash attack that mixes British and American elements; TIN CAN ARMY has a somewhat raunchier and more intense thrash sound with diverting lead parts inserted at just the proper moments. Both groups utilize political perspectives, and have a couple of slower sing-along numbers. Good.

Maniacs German Tanks cassette

The MANIACS play a combination of Finnish-influenced thrash and English-style punk. Some of the songs are somewhat garagy, while others have a steady ’77-style beat. Gruff vocals and a heavy bass make the MANIACS quite likeable, especially “Weltkrieg” and “We Want You.” Very catchy stuff.