Tin Can Army


Tin Can Army Be Invited… To the Theatre of Perversion, Bigotry & Suicide EP

A bit confusing (their logo is “TCACT”) but this is the latest TIN CAN ARMY release. This multi-track 7″ has one side of up-tempo punk, and one in a more jazzy punk vein. They are experimental in some ways, though their pop HC format and vocal sound reminds me most of the DKs.

Tin Can Army Tin Can Army cassette

Since they’re not happy about their split LP, or the label, this band has put out their own tape. I imagine that they’re not really happy with this either, as it’s not a “garage” or “live” recording (which they feel is “real” punk), but is more studio stuff. Personally, even though the drum and bass could be fuller, it’s an excellent tape. Punk and thrash.

Maniacs / Tin Can Army split LP

A new German release with a different band on each side. The MANIACS have a thrash attack that mixes British and American elements; TIN CAN ARMY has a somewhat raunchier and more intense thrash sound with diverting lead parts inserted at just the proper moments. Both groups utilize political perspectives, and have a couple of slower sing-along numbers. Good.