Pandemix Love is Obliteration LP

For me, the all-angle, multi-vocal barrage is what keeps me listening to the latest release by PANDEMIX. With punk-as-fuck lyrics coming from every direction while the band smashes forward, it’s difficult to quit. “Pigs At the Trough” and “Scorched Earth Policy” are absolute bomb blasts of hardcore punk that’ll get you head-bobbing in swift order. A little more refined than previous releases, both in production and musicianship, Love is Obliteration still retains a healthy amount of hiss and noise.

Pandemix Dead Celebrities cassette

PANDEMIX have been doing the dang thing for the better part of a decade, and they’re always a heavy-hitting live band each time I have seen them. Oddly enough, they were the last band I booked a show for mere days before the COVID pandemic kicked in, as well as the first band I booked a show for once it started feeling safe enough to do so after that. With multiple records and cassettes under their belt already, the band’s newest release is a four-song cassette which they had for sale on their most recent tour. Mostly continuing the band’s ongoing mixture of hardcore punk blended with peace punk, this cassette features one piano/fiddle/trombone/vocals ballad to close it out. A little out of place for my tastes, but it seems like it would be enjoyed by the folk punk/AGAINST ME! aficionados.

Pandemix In Condemnation LP

Blending perfect amounts of artsy peace-punk weirdness and brutal aggression, Boston’s PANDEMIX deliver a sound that is all at once angry, transgressive, fun, and exciting. This record reminds me why I love punk: it’s got some real out-of-the-box peace-punk moments, dissonant chord combos, irresistible melodic hooks, dark creepy riffs, and fast hardcore parts. The track “Synthetix” juxtaposes full-blast hardcore riffs with a punchy, CRASS-like mid-tempo interlude, while “Column of Light” is a slow and scathing screed, with just vocals and guitar. Pretty much something for everyone. Seriously, do not miss out on this!