Perspex Torch EP

“Straight to the point” is what you feel as soon as you press play on this record by Sydney’s angriest PERSPEX. Weird and twisted hardcore that taps into the deranged worlds of US hardcore legends WHITE PIGS and NO TREND alike, but managing to sound refreshing throughout. Their selling point is immediacy and a not over-intellectualizing approach to hardcore that should be a given in any punk sub-genre, but unfortunately many bands have lost touch with its roots. These five tracks will quench your thirst for no-bullshit angry hardcore.

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Sydney’s PERSPEX See Right Through You

Perspex are a hardcore group from Sydney, Australia, dealing in deranged mosher sonics. We caught up with singer Toto on the occasion of their debut single, released on verified banger outlets No Patience and Sexy Romance. We talk Faustian deals, being falsely accused of a terrorist plot and life below the Tropic of Capricorn… MRR: […]

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