Public Body


Public Body Flavour of Labour 12″

Tight, energetic, and nervy art-punk out of Brighton. There’s a lot here to like, at least for me—angular guitar lines, whirling new wave synths, an English man spitting lyrics about the alienation of labo(u)r under capitalism. The production (provided by guitarist Theo Verney, who has also recorded the likes of FEET and HOME COUNTIES) is clear and full and serves the material well. Every track on this EP is compelling, but the single “Formica” is a real ripper, chaotic yet expertly held together. “Reset My Password” is another treat, with big hooks and relatable lyrics about having a useless desk job. “Savings, Discounts, and More!” is more of an experimental spoken word piece, which makes me curious as to what else the band can accomplish with a little more breathing room. If you’re into other contemporary UK post-punk acts like SQUID and ROXY GIRLS, you should dig this.

Public Body Ask Me Later / Public Body 7″

Acrobatic and mathy guitars lead the charge on this one, like on a URANIUM CLUB or LANDOWNER rec. Some of the instrumentation and harmonies throughout give off the same sorta inviting weirdo vibe as SUBURBAN LAWNS, which is always a plus. Both songs clock in at 3:36, somehow—whether this was on purpose or (probably) not, the end result is that I want more.