Slevy Vol. 1 cassette

Alright, I’ve got a lot of numbers to throw at you and it may seem a little confusing, but stick with me because it’s more than worth it. SLEVY is a solo project (one man) from Irun, Spain. This Vol. 1 cassette is part of a two-cassette series which has the artist’s entire discography on it. Vol. 1 has his first couple EPs, comp tracks, and unreleased songs all recorded around 2005, it seems. This cassette was originally released in Spain in 2014, but a run of 100 tapes was just done by two Mexican labels at the end of 2023. SLEVY seems to truly be someone who loves all aspects of music within the punk umbrella. Ranging from darker, moodier, goth-adjacent synth-heavy tracks to catchy synth pop to driving garage rock, and some crust punk and hardcore influences on songs as well, SLEVY does it all without it feeling like a novelty. Here’s hoping these labels are working on Vol. 2 as well.

Slevy Volumen 2 LP

There was a time in my life when I thought surf punk was for suckers. I heard one single and thought “what, are the BEACH BOYS smoking PCP now?” I’ve got to say, though, this LP has really changed my view on the genre. The album isn’t strictly surf punk, but about half of the songs here sound like they came straight out of Repo Man. The other half of the sound is deeply influenced by early European New Wave and punk bands. Think DECIMA VICTIMA or CAMERA SILENS. Instrumentally, the LP is pretty stripped back. Drums, bass, some overdriven or chorus-laden guitars, and a bit of synth occasionally. The vocals are delivered in a real grating growl that sometimes comes off as sweet in a TOM WAITS kind of way. I can’t tell you that this is an album that’s going to stay on repeat, but it’s pretty damn good, and worth a listen.